About Me

I began reading and reviewing books for authors about a year ago. I haven’t always been the avid reader I am now. Because I was outside and very active as a child and teenager, I found no pleasure in reading.  It was much too sedentary an activity for me at the time.  I only read what I had to for school and church, but found that when I was forced to read I actually did really love what I learned. When I was younger my older sister, who loved to read would sit me down and read her teen romances to me and that was always a relaxing nice way to enjoy a story at the time.  I really only started to love to read over the last 10 years.

 I was introduced to an exciting fictional series that I absolutely fell in love with.  It took me out of my hectic life as a mother to young children and gave me a few hours of looking into a fantasy world that had nothing to do with what I did all day and was a welcomed friend.  From that time on I have been an avid reader. I had little time to read and so didn’t want to waste time on reading a book that was boring or uninteresting to me so I turned to my sisters and mom who have always been avid readers for recommendations.  I trusted their reviews of books and they would recommend books they knew I would like.  Book reviews is a big time saver in my opinion and I appreciate other reviews I have read.  

I love reading YA books. Mostly fantasy or anything that is exciting and action filled with a hint of romance.  I enjoy stories that take me out of the real world and into someone else’s imagination. When I read for fun, I want to read a story that could never happen in real life.  

When I am in a more learning state of mind I like to read history and historical novels.  I also enjoy reading biography’s as I am always fascinated with people and what made them who they are.